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Motor Accident Claim Cases & Insurance Cases

      It involves claim of right in view of accident caused as a result of act of negligence of the other. When negligence is accompanied with losses to the other party claim/action can be instituted. Any person or the legal envoy of the deceased individual is liable to recover the damages under the law.

      In view of the increasing automation and the associated losses in accidents, an effective law has been created in reference with the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal wherein compulsory third party insurance along with the process of the mediation of the claim has been provided to give relief to the victims. In order to ensure payment of the compensation to the third party restrictions have been imposed on the defenses of the insurance companies and their liability has been made unlimited so as to help the claimant.

      The law pertaining to the motor accident claims is mounting rapidly along with the associated amendments to meet up the requirements of the object and also to keep a check on the insurance companies that may disburse the compensation.

      Also, under this, the insurance companies have been conferred upon by the right to contest to mitigate fake cases since such fake claims are on a rise presently as a result of the increasing scale of compensations provided.

      We have a team of lawyers that specifically deals with Motor Accident claim and Insurant at District and High Court.