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Banking Cases

      The law and procedure constituting the banking regulations are observed in these cases as per the Banking Regulation Act. It involves:

  • Licensing of banking activities.
  • Social control of banking institutions.
  • Minimum paid up reserves, capital, requirements, liquid assessts etc.
  • Accounts and audit.
  • Controlling schemes of resconstruction and amalgamation.
  • Restrictions over advances and loans.
  • Winding up of banking companies.

      Laws concerning with the rights and duties of the parties to the negotiable instruments like bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques, bank drafts, foreign bills, noting and protesting etc. , honor or dishonor and the presentment of these instruments are practiced.

      Also, it includes cases pertaining to the banker-customer relations and their transactions along with policy on loans and advances, different kinds of securities comprising regulation of the legal nature of guarantee mortgage, lien, letters of credit etc.

      Procedural aspects of banking law including cases of attachment and summoning of bank accounts, freeze orders are also taken into consideration along with modern aspect of banking that includes net banking, global access banks, smart cards and regulatory implications of net banking like economic sanctions, money laundering, consumer protection, taxation, monetary policy, encryption export controls, dispute resolution, frauds like copying, hacking, illegal transfers & duplication etc.

      Disputes or problems pertaining banks may be troublesome and obnoxious. In case you have one it would be advisable to get in touch with us as early as possible.