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Family Cases

      These come under the domain of the family law which deals with the family issues and involves each and every individual of the society either by the creation or removal of legal status, its consequences, protection (physical and financial) of the members of the family.

      It involves a vast area of domestic relations like marriage, matrimonial remedies, legitimacy of children, custody, guardianship, adoption, intestate and testamentary succession etc. which are of utmost importance since they constitute a sensitive relationship of the society and the individuals.

      Also, cases include those concerning the Hindu joint family, devolution of ancestral property, spousal support, child support, divorce, debt between married spouses and unmarried spouses who have lived together for atleast 2 years and Hindu & Muslim law relating to wills, gifts and inheritance.

      In India, depending upon the religion to which the individual belongs, the courts implement different personal laws where in the Hindus are governed by the Hindu law, the Muslims by the Muslim personal law and likewise the other religions have their own personal laws which are customized to their communities and cannot be applied to people belonging to another religion.

      Family cases can usually be decided upon by mediation, negotiation, collaborative settlement processes and arbitration without going to court.

      Our team has been looking after cases related to family disputes from last 10 years.